Review: Presto 12″ Electric Skillet

I received this skillet as a Christmas present from my wife last year. I have to say, I go through phases of what I want for Christmas. This year it was cooking contraptions. I had previously used a co-workers electric skillet at work and really liked it; so I dropped the hint that I wouldn’t mind having one. My wife often tells me I’m hard to shop for.

The Pros
Upon receiving this, I immediately put it to work preparing Christmas dinner (yes, I did wash it first). I cooked up some fantastic little smokies (small sausages) in a low carb homemade sweet/sour tomato sauce. I loved the convenience of being able to move this to the island and not taking up a burner.

Since receiving this product, we have used it at least twice a week; sometimes twice a day. I cook everything from burgers, sausage, eggs, to sauces; and everything in between. Because of the large, 12″ surface I can cook a lot of food. It also has a spout on the side for draining an excess juice or grease. When I’m cooking breakfast, I’ll cook sausage, drain a bit of the grease and cook the eggs. This saves having to wash so many dishes.

This unit also has nice, tall sides. This comes in handy for cooking sauces, stews, soups, etc. In addition, the non-stick cooking surface is TOUGH!! Most of the time the non-stick surface will start to come off or scratches easy, even when being careful. Not with this! This thing is coated on the cook surface and the outside too. We only use plastic or wood cooking utensils but it still seems tougher than any other non-stick I’ve encountered. Cleanup is a breeze too! If I have any stuck-on food, I can add water to the skillet and turn to 300 and let it go for a few minutes. I have not had anything that I could not get un-stuck on this pan!

This skillet also has a nice heavy top that fits snugly on the unit. The spout does let steam escape so you need to keep an eye out to make sure if too much moisture escapes, you add more if desired.

At an average price of $25.00, this handy kitchen device is affordable and a great addition to your culinary arsenal.

The Cons
I’m not going to say that this pan doesn’t have at least one con. My ONLY issue with this skillet is the temperature settings; specifically the warm setting. When set to warm, the heat coil will heat up, turn off and then heat up again. It does this to keep an even temperature. The problem I have with this is that there is not a setting lower than warm. If you are trying to simmer a sauce the “warm” setting is often too hot and can result in scalding the sauce if you are not careful. However, I have found that setting the dial a little lower than warm and off helps. But honestly, that’s my only gripe!

I hope that you have found this post helpful. All-in-all I give the product a 10! If you have questions, please fee free to email me at

Thanks for reading!

** This was NOT a paid review, product was a gift from my wife **

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