Egg Roll In a Bowl
Chinese food is wonderful but generally very high in carbs. This recipe takes the egg roll contents, kicks it up a notch and ditches the won ton wrapper. You won’t even miss them! So grab your favorite bowl and get ready for some damn tasty food!
  1. Peal and cut the onion into pieces sizable enough to fit into the chute of your food processor
  2. Smash each garlic clove with a large can and peal, cut off the ends
  3. With the blade attachment, turn your food processor on high and add each piece of onion and the garlic cloves. Run until chopped.
  4. Remove the garlic and onion mixture and place in a bowl, set aside
  5. Remove the blade attachment and add your largest slicing attachment. Cut the cabbage in half, then into pieces just small enough to fit into the food processors chute
  6. With the food processor on high, add the cabbage “chunks” and feed using the food push thingy
  7. Continue adding cabbage until the food processor bowl is full. Place the cabbage into a large bowl and keep slicing cabbage until complete. Place the remaining cabbage into the large bowl.
  8. Remove the slicing attachment and add your smallest shredding attachment. With the food processor on low, feed the two carrots through. This should make small carrot shreds.
  9. Add the carrots to the cabbage and toss to mix.
  10. In a large skillet set to medium-high, crumble the sausage into the pan and brown until about half way done.
  11. Add the ginger and red peper flakes and stir
  12. Add the onion & garlic mixture and continue cooking until the onion is translucent, reduce heat to medium
  13. Add about half of the cabbage/carrot mix and toss to coat with the sausage mixture. Add the second half of the cabbage/carrot mix and toss again.
  14. Add the 1/4 cup of seasame seed oil and toss again to coat.
  15. Rake the mixture to the sides of the skillet leaving a portion of the bottom of the pan exposed
  16. Add the egg mixture and scramble
  17. Toss to incorporate the egg
  18. Add the soy sauce and toss again
  19. Cook for another 5 minutes. The cabbage should still have a slight crunch to it (al dente).
  20. Add a bit more sesame seed oil over each serving.
  21. Enjoy!