My Story

Hi, I’m Earl and I was once addicted to bad food. I was an overweight child, obese teen, and a morbidly obese tween/adult. I have weighed as much as 420 pounds. At 5’ 4” that is a lot of weight on a small frame. In 2014 I finally decided enough was enough! I cut out sugar, starch (and other high carb foods) and began a low carb/keto lifestyle. I also joined a local gym and began lifting weights. I went from weighing 380 pounds (2014) to currently weighing 184 pounds three (3) years later. This has changed my life. I’m enjoying life for the first time. Come join me!!

Me in 2013, weighing around 400Lbs.

Me today (November 2017), around 190 Lbs

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