Weightloss Update: October 30 2017

The scale hates me today…After being away in training last week I wanted to weigh today. Although I tried to eat within my carb allowances, I’m sure there were some things that had hidden ingredients that I normally do not eat. I got on the scale and my heart sank. Ughh! Back up to 193 pounds. I knew that something wasn’t right when I got dressed this morning, my clothes did not fit right; a bit tighter than normal. After loosing weight for over 3 years, you just know when you loose or gain weight. I’ve fluctuated back and fourth for a couple months or so but this is the most I’ve jumped up to in a while. However, I’m going to use this opportunity to break my plateau. Now that I’m back home, I’m eating food that I KNOW is acceptable; mainly since I cook what I eat. I’m also back in the gym this week after taking last week off.  I’ll keep you posted. Until next time…

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